Now, New & Next 2016 – Synergy’s Sports and Entertainment Outlook

Now, New & Next 2016 is here!They say that change is the only true constant, a law of life without which progress is impossible. Change is a beating heart hardwired to innovation and creativity, but without an active understanding of what it really means we’re destined to be swept along by its tide, rather than riding its wave. Millennials are a generation ahead of the curve: instinctively adopting change, or intuitively adapting to it, unfazed and unafraid. Active participants, engaged changemakers – with Gen Z hot on their heels. They’re capable of following brands passionately, but not blindly, happy to unconsciously bypass inauthentic marketing.That’s why this year’s Now, New & Next is focused on changes in our industry: changing business models, changing strategies, changing patterns, perceptions and passions. Change for good and change for better. The culmination of our work with Engine sister agencies, including Trailer Park and The Intelligence Group, provides us with unique research and insights to fuel the debate for 2016 and beyond.This edition covers hot topics such as the growth in women’s sport (and how brands can benefit from this), music and film (and how brands could be making more of a play in them), jersey sponsorship in the US (and how it can be more than just another media buy)…and much more.Change can be frightening. Change can be overwhelming. But understanding it is the first step in making it work for you, your brand and your consumers.

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