Synergy Decisions – A Framework for Sponsorship Valuation
Today Synergy launches Synergy Decisions, the first ever tool developed to help brands value sponsorships in the same way that companies and other assets are valued. Sponsorship can impact business revenue and costs, so should therefore be treated as any other financial asset, rather than just marketing activity, or as a communications channel.Synergy Decisions will help brands enhance their understanding of how much value sponsorship creates for their business. Other sponsorship valuation methodologies in the market today have a number of issues. In trying to address them, Synergy Decisions is a positive step forward for the sponsorship industry.Synergy Decisions has spent the past year in beta testing where it has successfully helped four different brands make significant investment and resource allocation decisions. Having gained this experience, we are now in a position to roll it out more broadly across the market.To share the detail behind the tool and how Synergy think about sponsorship value, we have written a white paper.

Read the full paper here

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