Accenture Kaleidoscope


Accenture wanted to educate, excite & inspire their leadership and clients as to how they, together with their partners, are leading the way in the application of emerging technologies.

Educate – they wanted to educate their CAL’s, account teams and clients on their capabilities “in the NEW” and how they bring their vendor ecosystem to bear in delivering new and emergent technology solutions
to their clients.

Excite – they didn’t want this to be a conference experience. They wanted to excite their attendees by engaging them and making them experience their ecosystem through their own eyes.

Inspire – they wanted to inspire new conversations with their clients and inspire new, innovative ways to solve their challenges.



Use The Tanks at Tate Modern to create a one day experiential event to change the conversation.


Vendors were split into five zones within the East Tank, with
each zone being branded through colour and the Kaleidoscope projections.

Zones concentrated
- AI is the New UI
- The Unchartered
- Ecosystem Powerplays
- Design for Business
- Workforce Marketplace

Companies such as Google, ForgeRock, IBM & Blue Prism exhibited their latest technology and future trends.
They used Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) to record the number of engagements across all vendors for the duration of the event. Partner’s were given personalised iPads which recorded guests data when they engaged with a stand.
Details being captured and all data was sent to partners following the event.
This provided valuable grounds and availability for follow
up conversations.


The South Tank housed the main stage, food and bar area. The 360 degree stage and all round screens allowed for an engaging atmosphere and experience.

Guests listened to three keynote speakers across the course of the day, which were followed by two DJ sets later in the evening.
The Oracle also displayed their impressive model of the Bloodhound car at the back of the room and guests were encourage to interact and engage with the latest model throughout the day.

• Zahra Bahrololoumi, Managing Director UK and Ireland, Accenture
• Omar Abbosh, Chief Strategy Officer, Accenture
• Professor Brian Cox


• 37 partners
• 750 attendees
• 200 children attended in STEM programme
• Over 150 different high profile clients attended
• 800 partner engagements
• Each partner received up to 80 engagements
• 18 engagements a minute

“Synergy, thank you all for an amazing experience. The Tanks looked absolutely awesome and both days ran with military precision, it was brilliant, we were so proud.”

Zahra Bahrololoumi, Senior Managing Director, Accenture Technology UKI