World Wheelchair Rugby Challenge

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Use the BT WWRC to demonstrate BT’s ability to connect people with new experiences and communities in innovative and valuable ways.



We turned the BT WWRC into a state-of-the-art connected content experience. Throughout the event a raft of rich real-time content played out across BT and WWRC’s social channels, bringing a whole new dimension to the fan experience both inside the Copper Box and beyond. We educated new fans with Twitter rule cards; we equipped wheelchairs with ‘SmashMeters’ and published ‘G-Force Impact Data’ live as the big hits happened; we replayed the big moments with the help of Grabyo technology; and we managed the matchday social feeds. All wrapped up in a dynamic visual identity that presented WWRC as a premium, future-facing event.


We turned a niche sport into a mainstream experience by sending reactive live social content far and wide. We amassed over 1.4 million impressions and 420,100 views of the ‘SmashMeter’ clips. BT content achieved 60% of the total views compared to the host broadcaster, ITV4.