Find the Flag, Fly the Flag

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Use Emirates’ exclusive rights to RWC 2015 matchday Flag Bearers to build an emotional connection with RWC fans in the UK.

Emirates Rugby World Cup Chiya Louie


We created the ‘Find the Flag, Fly the Flag’ campaign for rugby fanatical, digital-native teens to become Emirates RWC 2015 Flag Bearers. The campaign featured clues to the location of hidden flags in RWC host cities around the UK being released on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, offering teens who snapped selfies with the hidden flag the chance to be a RWC Flag Bearer, and a light-hearted film featuring Ben Foden putting winning Flag Bearers through an All-Weather Training Boot Camp to test their flag-bearing ability.

We also replicated the Flag Bearer experience at the RWC Fanzones. The Emirates 360° Experience used innovative bullet-time technology and 40 cameras to film fans flying their national flag, with every participant receiving an instant animated 360° GIF of their moment of glory to share on social media, and was replicated in stadia with a roaming Emirates Cabin Crew.

Emirates Rugby World Cup Chiya Louie


220 pieces of national and regional PR coverage.

12 million impressions and engagements on social media with minimal paid support.

15,000 rugby fans took part in the Emirates 360° Experience, with 80% saying they were more likely to fly with Emirates afterwards.

And the experience of a lifetime for 101 Emirates Flag Bearers.

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