Club Colours

Coca Cola logo


Create an authentic, high-profile, always-on connection with everyday football fans.



Title sponsorship of the Football League, delivering an always-on marketing platform to football fans in 72 communities across England and Wales during the regular season and ownership of the end-of-season Play-Off Finals. The sponsorship quickly became a platform for some of Coca-Cola’s most iconic and ground-breaking football marketing ever. It launched with ‘Club Colours’, changing the colours of the Coke logo, for the first time in Coke’s history, to those of the 72 Football League clubs. This was followed by ‘Win a Player’, which gave fans the chance to gift their club a £250,000 transfer fund - another world first and another campaign to which Synergy, as the agency at the heart of the sponsorship, was critical.



Both ‘Club Colours’ and ‘Win a Player’ delivered stunning brand and business results and became instant classics in sports marketing – oft-imitated but never bettered – winning multiple industry awards in the process. And such was the success of the sponsorship that Coca-Cola continued for two terms.