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Create an “Active Healthy Lifestyle” programme that builds trust amongst stakeholders and consumers, and which tangibly demonstrates Coca-Cola Great Britain’s commitment to getting 1m people more active, more often, by 2020.



As opposed to thinking what type of activity we wanted people to participate in, we started from where we wanted them to be active. Parks immediately came to mind as vibrant ecosystems of activity. In turn, they’re open to anyone, easy to access, free to use, focal points for local communities, and have proven physical and mental health benefits to anyone who uses them.

Having identified parks as the place to deliver activity, we then needed to decide on the how and what. Having considered and rejected numerous traditional delivery models, we boldly decided the best way to drive activity in parks was through an innovative private-public partnership model with major local authorities. We initially targeted 3 local authorities based upon the size of their population, the levels of inactivity amongst said population, and their potential strategic value to Coca-Cola Great Britain.

Our approach was simple. Coca-Cola Great Britain would fund local authorities to deliver a multitude of structured daily activity sessions in their parks, specifically tailored to the needs of the local communities, but with a significant focus on mums and teens. The only mandatories were that the programme had to be delivered for a minimum 6 months of the year, and the offer would always remain free of charge to the public. In turn, Coca-Cola Great Britain would lead the marketing of the programme (fun not physical activity) as well as create an evaluation framework which measured both participation numbers and the wider impact of the programme.


In only two years we’ve created session capacity of over 250k across 6 local authorities, recorded over 100k attendances, of which 50k were unique, delivered through over 25 different types of physical activity (from Archery to Zumba).

ParkLives has opened up numerous conversations with a wide range of GB stakeholders, and increases in trust amongst mums and teens aware of the ParkLives programme are some of the highest seen by Coca-Cola Great Britain.

As of 2016, we are working with 10 local authorities and Street Games to deliver ParkLives sessions across the country. We will continue to grow the programme year on year, continuously looking for new and innovative ways to help Coca-Cola Great Britain get 1m people more active, more often, by 2020.