Stories of Power and Grace


Make an emotional connection with an audience beyond the traditional polo fan, whilst leveraging the brand’s horsemanship heartland.



We researched, wrote, produced and published ‘Stories of Power & Grace’, a series of epic short movies shot in beautiful locations around the world. Each film told the inspiring human story of a person whose life had changed as a result of a passion for horses and horsemanship. In Film One, ‘The Polo Player & The Horse Whisperer’, we told the intertwining stories of Facundo Pieres and Jean-François Pignon. Film Two, ‘The Rider’, the story of Nakoa Decoite, a Maui-based polo player and big wave surfer, explored how horse riding carried Nakoa onto the crest of the world’s most infamous wave, Jaws. The hero films were each accompanied by posters, tweets, trailers, teasers and ‘making-ofs’, all of which embodied Royal Salute’s core brand positioning of Power & Grace.


We proved the power of beautifully executed creative content in achieving massive reach and appreciation. As an example, ‘The Polo Player & The Horse Whisperer’ reached over 1.5 million views across Facebook and YouTube despite a media buy that promised only 250,000 views. We aimed for a very respectable 'like' ratio of 70% and quickly hit 99.5%.

Royal Salute