Rugby World Cup 2015 - England Shirt Launch



Leverage the power of the Rugby World Cup in England to create the most commercially successful and socially-engaging England Rugby shirt launch in history, and reinforce Canterbury’s status as the number one rugby brand.



The campaign flipped the traditional shirt launch on its head, giving the honour and glory to England Rugby fans all over the world.

‘Committed to the Rose’ challenged fans to demonstrate their commitment to rugby for the chance to launch the England shirt. Activation included a ‘click to commit’ button across social media channels, giving thousands of fans the chance to launch the shirt first on their channels and (for fans who bought a shirt they had never seen) the opportunity to launch the shirt at 15,000ft with the help of England players and The Red Devils parachute display team.


Canterbury sold all shirts before England’s first RWC match, a new record.

124% growth on shirt sales versus 2014 shirt launch.

‘Launched by the Loyal’ generated 1.9 million impressions and turned 3,660 fans into ambassadors and influencers, reinforcing Canterbury’s position as the number one rugby brand.